Heard people talk about having optimisers on your solar panels? Wondered what they are? Read on to learn about whether they would be beneficial for your Solar install.

Due to their design when solar panels are installed with a string inverter they will automatically limit their out to match the lowest producing panel. This could have disastrous consequences if you had a lot of shading on your roof or you had panels facing different orientations. An optimiser is a small box with some clever gadgetry that bolts on to the back of the solar panel – it then allows the solar panel to act “independently” of the others so if one panel is shaded it won`t affect all the other panels.

Have a look at the picture. This is one of our own installs and you can see 2 of the panels are shaded by our scaffolding sign. You can see on the monitoring software that comes with the optimisers that these two panels are producing significantly less power because of the shading however because they have optimisers attached the other panels are still producing their maximum potential instead of matching the shaded panel. For more information on the optimisers we use visit https://www.tigoenergy.com/product/ts4-a-o

solar panel optimiser Leicestershire

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