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Solar PV

Solar PV is our passion. We love installing a well designed solar panel & battery storage installation and seeing the benefits it brings to our clients. Solar panels turn the sunlight into electricity to power your home (yes… even when it is cloudy). Have a look below at some of the benefits of solar panels & battery storage and contact us now for a no obligation survey. We do not focus on sales, instead we simply offer informative honest advice and then allow you to make an informed decision because here at M E Solar we simply believe the technology is so good it sells itself .

How do solar panels & battery storage benefit you?

  • Protection against rising energy costs.
  • Clean renewable energy
  • Reduced electric bill
  • Energy independence
  • Able to store free electricity from the day ready to use at night
  • Protection against blackouts.  Ask us about EPS (Essential power supply)

How do solar panels benefit the planet?

  • Reduces your households carbon footprint
  • Reduces greenhouse gases.
  • Reduces pollution & Improves air quality
  • Reduce water use from energy production

Battery Storage

If you would like to make your solar panel system as efficient as possible and get the most out of it we recommend installing battery storage to work alongside your solar panels. Installing a battery allows excess electricity generated from the solar panels that isn`t being used by your home, to be stored within the battery for use later on. For instance – the battery can be charged during the day while you are at work ready to power your home in the evening minimising the amount of electricity exported back to the grid. The bigger the battery the more free electricity it can store however with battery storage being a large portion of the overall cost, consideration needs to be given to the size of the battery to prevent buying a battery too large which will not fully utilised. Combine this with an EPS (Emergency power supply) function and even if there is a black out you will still be able to use the electricity stored in your battery.

Givenergy EV Charger

EV (Electric vehicle) Charging Points

Do you own an electric vehicle or plug in hybrid vehicle? Contact us now to talk to us about installing an EV charging point. These can also be combined with your solar panel installation so you can divert excess solar generation to charge your vehicle.

We are an approved OZEV installer so you you may be entitled to a grant depending on your status. Find out more information here

We can install a wide range of EV Charger manufacturers so contact us to request a quote.

Live System Demo Rugby

Would you like to have a look in person at a live system? Why not spare 20 minutes and arrange to visit us in Rugby where you will be able to have a look at the mobile app, software and ask any questions that you may have about Solar energy, the equipment or the installation. There is on street parking available. Please contact us in order to arrange a visit.

Live solar installation demo in Rugby

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