How do solar panels and batteries work with my electricity bill? Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity and sends it into your home. But how does it work alongside the electricity that comes from your energy supplier such as Octopus or British gas?. If your house needs the electricity at this time, for instance if you have your kettle on or your washing machine (House load/demand), the electricity will naturally go to where it is needed as it is “drawn” there by the load/demand. If there is not enough electricity from the solar the remainder of the electricity will need to be “drawn” from elsewhere. First it will be drawn from your battery if you have one installed alongside your solar panels. If this is still not enough or your battery is empty it will then be drawn from your electricity supplier just as it was before solar was installed and you will be charged by your energy supplier for the electricity used. Should your solar be producing more than what your house requires the excess electricity needs to go somewhere and the process is reversed. If you have a battery then the electricity will be sent here first to charge the battery up to use when needed. If the battery is fully charged then the excess electricity is sent back through your supply to the energy supplier where it is sold. Different energy suppliers will pay various amounts for this excess electricity sent to them which is what is known as the Smart Export Guarantee.

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