The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) publishes annual figures on gas and electricity. These take average unit prices and multiply them by ‘typical’ levels of consumption. This is added to average annual standing charges to give the total annual bill. The DESNZ takes an average electricity usage of 3600kwh to calculate these bills over the last 12 years. As you can see from the graph electricity bills increased from around £450 in 2010 to just over £760 in 2021. In 2022 the annual electricity bill rose to almost £1,160. Larger households who use more than 3600kwh of electricity per year will have seen an even greater jump in cost. In 2022 electricity bills were 92% higher than in 2010. This shows the level of electricity price increases over the last 12 years.

With the historical trend over the last 12 years it looks like energy cost will likely continue to rise. Investing in a solar installation now will help protect you from future electricity price rises as you will be less reliant on electricity from your supplier and instead able to take advantage of electricity produced from the sun to power your home. At todays prices before any further rises an average solar install with a battery will pay for itself within approximately 6-8 years.

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