Solar panels will generate the most electricity when the Sun’s rays hit their surface at the optimum angle. Ensuring solar panels face the optimum direction and have an appropriate tilt will help ensure that they produce the maximum electricity, as they are exposed to the highest intensity of sunlight for the greatest period of time.

If you have been confused in the past in regards to whether your roof orientation & pitch is suitable for solar panels, this chart should give you a better idea.

The optimum roof orientation and pitch would be 35 degrees due South, as this would provide a 100% performance. To compare, if you were to have a North-facing roof that had the same pitch of 35 degrees, you would have a 55% performance. Subsequently, if you were to have an East-facing roof with the same pitch, the performance would be approximately 79-80%.

An interesting point to note is that for East, West & North facing roofs – the shallower the pitch the better the solar panel will perform. More information can be found here –

This post was written with the help of Okiki a student from Rugby School currently on her work experience with M E Solar.

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