Have you ever been told your roof needs to be south facing for a Solar panel to work? Well Allow us to explain why an East or West facing roof are better than you may think for solar panels but firstly why are South facing roofs best? Well the sun rises from the East and sets in the West however because the earth is tilted this means that south facing roofs (and gardens for the green fingered amongst you) are pointing more towards the suns path as it travels from east to west.

However when it comes to Solar panels they don`t need direct sunlight to produce electricity so without further delay here are some results of the total electricity projection of various roof orientations based on a 3kw system (about 8 panels) in Warwickshire (Home of Shakespeare), without any shading on a 30 degree roof (Pitch):

South – 2557kwh   East – 2155kwh   West – 2155kwh

As you can see the difference between a South and East or West roof is around just 402kwh for the whole year – With a tariff of £0.34p this is approx £136.

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